7 Things That Makes KENT CamEye A Smart Choice for Location Tracker

In this day and age, GPS tracker is becoming the backbone of fleet operations. It provides vital information related to trips made by vehicles that help fleet managers in running the business efficiently. The market has also geared up itself with plenty of options, including the basic to advanced versions.  

One of the reliable names in the GPS location tracker market is KENT CamEye.  It’s a dash cam-cum-GPS tracker which is integrated with dual cameras to capture the inside and outside view of the vehicle. It is equipped with infrared that supports recording in the night with clarity. Moreover, it has sensors that send real-time alerts to users. The device uses 4G-connectivity through pre-installed M2M SIM offering a seamless experience. 


Read below the points to understand how KENT CamEye becomes a smart choice for the location tracker.  

  • Real-time tracking with accuracy:  Tracking location is the primary thing that every GPS tracker does regardless of the brand and versions. However, what matters is the accuracy in time. KENT CamEye offers real-time location tracking with an accurate pinpoint of the vehicle over the map.  
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  • Details of trips:  Earlier, fleet managers used to maintain a manual logbook to keep the records of the trip made by vehicles.  But chances of discrepancies remained high in those reports. Therefore, the major benefit of using a GPS location tracker in fleet business is to get the trip details recorded automatically.  KENT CamEye captures and records entire trip data, including the time-lapse video of both the inside and outside view of the vehicle. It gives the data of distance traveled, duration of the trip, start and end time, stop-over time, average speed, maximum speed, etc. These data are helpful in the analysis of the fleet operation and helps increase efficiency.
  • Smart alerts:  There are situations where a driver drives the vehicle at a fatal speed or keeps the engine idle for long, consuming an excess of fuel. KENT CamEye helps in avoiding such instances by triggering quick alerts. This dashcam cum GPS location tracker is powered with artificial intelligence that offers smart alerts for safety measures and misuse of vehicles. It includes alerts for, over-speeding, engine-idling, AC-on in parking, noise level, etc.
  • Geo-fencing: Cases of the detour are quite common in the fleet business. Drivers intentionally or by mistake go off-track, leading to delay in delivery of service. For such situations, the geo-fencing feature of KENT CamEye could be of great help. Using this, the fleet managers can create a virtual boundary around the location on the map. So, whenever the vehicle crosses that boundary, an alert would be sent notifying about the breach.       
  • Live video streaming: KENT CamEye offers the feature of live-video streaming that empowers the fleet owners to have complete control over the business operation.  With video streaming, owners cannot only track the live location of the vehicle but can also watch the activities going inside and outside (front view).
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  • Voice instructions: The next step after knowing about driver’s misconduct or mistake during the work is to immediately send them instructions. The situation seems helpless when their mobile phone goes unreachable.  Hence, the location tracker with a voice command facility is a great option to choose from.  KENT CamEye has a built-in microphone and speaker that allows 2-way calling. The admin can place a call on the device which auto-connects after intimidating the driver in the vehicle. The best thing is that the call cannot be disconnected by the persons seated in the vehicle. This way, the owner or fleet managers can communicate with the staff and can instruct them accordingly.
  • Ease of installation: Unlike other GPS trackers, KENT CamEye comes with an ease of installation. It’s a plug and play device that doesn’t interfere with the internal wiring of the vehicle. So, the manufacturer’s warranty for the vehicle remains intact. KENT CamEye presents you with the complete solution to run your fleet business with peace of mind.

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