Who doesn’t love gifts? While we all might love a surprise gift, most of us prefer things we can actually use rather, than things that will lie around in the cupboard. Remember to keep in mind that you don’t always have to spend a fortune to make someone happy. Most of the times, the thought behind the gift matters more than the price tag. While most of us have a hard time looking for something that everyone would love, here mentioned below is a list which will surely have something for everyone.


A Wine Tote:

Wine tote bag is the best gift for all your party lover friends. This bag will not only encourage them to bring wine over your place but to picnics and long drives as well. Not only will this save you all the money you spend on their drinks, but it will also make hanging out fun. 

Try to go for a stylish Wine tote, remember to keep in mind that it needs to be practical in size so that your friends don’t have a problem carrying around their drinks.  

Hydro flask:

A Trendy hydro flask is a new way to tell your friends to stay hydrated. With busy life schedules, our friends often forget to drink the required amount of water on should have in a day. To make your gift even special, you can get customized messages imprinted on it. Try to go for something that has sentimental value.

A hydro flask is the best to take liquids around as it maintains the temperature of the liquid for a long time and can keep it fresh without changing the taste or adding the unbearable plastic smell to it as plastic bottles do.

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Scented candles:

If your friend has been having a stressful time, the best gift you can get them are scented candles. Scented candles can help relieve stress and anxiety. It can also benefit the people around you as it improves sleep and our cognitive process. Scented candles are also helpful for migraine patients. 

Apart from someone who is fighting with stress, anyone with a sense of aesthetics will surely love scented candles. So if your friend has a thing for lamps, lights, and scented lotions, this can be the gift they never knew they wanted.

Customized luggage tag

If you have a friend that loves traveling, then this can be the most thoughtful gift you can get them. If your friend is anything like me, they must have lost their luggage at the airport at least a few times. A customized luggage tag will not only make their luggage stand out, but it will also remind them of you whenever they go somewhere.  Most of the times we tend to go for things that we think another person would like, mainstream gifts aren’t appreciated much. Buy your friends something that says, “I think about you.”

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A typewriter:

A vintage typewriter is the best gift you can give someone who loves writing. While laptops and tablet have modernized writing, a writer would always love a typewriter. Writers tend to have a knack for vintage things, and a typewriter will surely be what they’ve been looking for. Giving your friend a typewriter will surely make them fall in love with it and pursue their passion wholeheartedly. There are researches that prove the sounds produced by typing on a typewriter enhance one’s interest in writing and makes them write more than usual.


If your friend is an insomniac or someone who makes you walk on eggshells when they’re asleep then this is the best gift that you can them. Try to go for the highest noise reduction ear plugs that you can find. If your friend is an anxious person like me they will love the gift and make sure to take them around with them. Since I’ve got earplugs to carry around with me I have found myself to be less anxious and more in control of my surroundings.


If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned article, you now have a few ideas of what to get your friends. While the items that have been mentioned belong to different price ranges, you should go for something that you can afford. Try not to break your bank just to buy a gift not everyone loves their friends splurging for them. If you buy your friend a bottle of water when they’re thirsty, would mean more to them than anything else. In a world where money has become the measuring unit of everything around us, friendship is one relationship that can’t be measured by how much money you spend. If you think there are other worthy gifts that should have been mentioned feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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