6 Easy Steps to Become a Legendary Gamer

So you dream of becoming a professional gamer. You want to be the next Clement Ivanov, Saahil Arora, or Lee Jae Dong. You want to rake in ridiculous amounts of money and be given cool gifts from sponsors, all while playing games—games that the adults in your life probably consider “not serious” or “will not put food on the table.”

Ignore those voices because, yes, you can become a legendary gamer. How? Follow the steps below:


Practice, Practice, Practice  

In any endeavor, if you wish to become quite the legend, there is no better advice than to practice. Your dreams of becoming a top gamer will not bear fruits if you just sit around and do nothing about them.

This step is both the hardest and the easiest. It is the hardest because it entails putting in long hours of playtime. It means failing over and over until you find a strategy that works. But despite the unrelenting and backbreaking work, practicing is also the step that is the most fun. After all, it is in practice when you get to enjoy the very thing you want to be legendary at.

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Watch and Analyze Games

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This statement also applies to the world of gaming. In order to become a legendary gamer, you need to keep apprised of how the competition or other gamers play. Thankfully, there are streams that can be accessed online where you can do just that. Consider this part your research an integral step needed to succeed in any field.

Aside from watching and analyzing the way other gamers play, this step also involves turning a critical eye on your own gameplay. You can record your sessions or take advantage of the Spectator or Replay mode of the game. This way, you get to see where you fumbled or what tactics worked best on certain aspects of the game.

Get Good Gaming Gear

It goes without saying that to become a legendary gamer, you have to have the right gaming gear. You might hear some people say that only skills, not the gear, matter in gaming. But they have probably forgotten that an improvement in skills is a result of having good gear because a PC that doesn’t have the best hardware will not do you any favors. You can’t exactly expect your skills to improve if your screen keeps freezing, right?

Sure a few aspects of some gear will not affect how you play, such as a mouse with pretty lights, but there is no doubt that the right gaming setup will play a big role in your journey. Apart from the hardware and the console, like a right gaming mouse another essential gear to not skimp money on is the gaming chair. As a gamer, you will spend many hours in this chair; make it as comfortable and as ergonomic as possible.

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Connect with Your Community

Many legendary professional gamers are members of teams or communities. Apart from the support, having a community means getting honest and helpful feedback and strategy input. Besides, when you finally become the greatest gamer there is, it would be sweet to celebrate your wins with your community.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job—At First

This step is especially useful for those who might find themselves overwhelmed with their newfound fame and fortune. If you’re in school, don’t drop out after your first big win. If you have a job, don’t quit only because your streaming channel is starting to rake in money from ads.

Play it safe at first. Eventually, when you become a professional gamer, you can start to reconsider the hours spent in school or in the office. By this time, you should have a manager or team who can help you with your finances and other important life decisions.

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Have a Good Time

Your journey to a legendary gaming career should be enjoyable. Sure you’ll lose often, especially in the beginning, but do not allow failures to cloud your love for gaming. Learn how to deal with losses and be constantly aware that all roads have roadblocks. If you always keep in mind to have a good time while also learning from mistakes, the road to becoming legendary will be all sorts of awesome.

Some of these steps are a lot easier than others. Some are free and some will cost a pretty penny. Nonetheless, you have to make the investment and put in the hours. Join competitions, even when you’re still polishing your skills. They’re great avenues to getting noticed and finding your community.

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