5 Reasons Why You Should Not Represent Yourself

After a car accident, you have the option of hiring a lawyer or dealing directly with the defendant’s insurance company. Taking care of the claim on your own appears to be a good choice because you won’t have to worry about finding a lawyer or paying for one. Right? Nothing could be further from the truth though. The insurance company will definitely massacre you because you are unaware of the law and the worth of your claims.

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Damages Unrepresented Car Accident Victims May Miss Out On

When victims are given the opportunity to compute losses, the only economic damages that come to mind are medical expenditures. And because it is a small percentage of your rightful reimbursement, the insurance company will promptly accept your demands. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the damages you’ll miss out on if you decide to handle a vehicle accident claim without a lawyer.

You Will Not Receive Ongoing Medical Care Expenses

Sometimes, the type of injuries sustained after a car crash requires long-term or lifetime medication. The victim may need multiple surgeries, pain medications, or physical therapy, to mention but a few. If you calculate your settlement demands based on the current pressing medical expenses, you will have to handle future medical burdens alone because you will not receive medical care expenses.

Unfortunately, the defendant’s insurance company will not enlighten you on this. Because they are out to make money. They might seem eager to handle your claim, but that is only because they are benefiting.

You Will Not Get Aftercare Expenses and Costs

Unfortunately, some accidents leave victims disabled and in need of long-term care. Depending on the situation, some will remain at home while others are sent to a nursing facility. What a sad turn of events.

And, as if that is not enough, unrepresented victims underestimate this damage or guess potential costs. Eventually, since nursing care is expensive, soon the bills will overwhelm your family because you will not be equipped to get yourself aftercare expenses and costs.

You Might Lose Future Earning Potential

While some people can return to their previous or new employment, others will never get back to work. Sadly, representing yourself may see you losing your future earning potential. Without experience, you will not be able to calculate your potential future wages accurately. 

That said, you need the help of a lawyer, who will consult with vocational experts and come up with an exact amount of how much the accident has robbed you.

You Will Lose Value of the Vehicle

After a car crash, your car will be damaged, and its value will be reduced. In worst-case scenarios, such vehicles turn into wrecks. For you to recover that loss, you must claim diminished value damages. If you choose to represent yourself, you may miss out on compensation for lost value.

To get the right estimate of diminished damages, you need an expert lawyer to be able to calculate the value of your car before and after the accident. The compensation can help you get another vehicle or repair the old one.

You Will Forfeit Punitive Damages

Last but not least, car accident victims should claim punitive damages. Unfortunately, because of your lack of understanding of the law; you may not know how to claim it. 

Usually, the court awards punitive damages not to compensate the victim for damages or injuries, but to punish the driver at fault and warn others against such behavior. But without the help of a lawyer, you will miss out on that, too.

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Get Your Fair Compensation

The impact of an accident is different if it is caused by negligence. Therefore, it is only fair that you be compensated for your suffering. If you handle the case alone, you may not get what you deserve. And since insurance companies profit from your naivety and ignorance, you may end up missing out on the damages you deserve.

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