Everything begins with a goal!  If your goal is clear, you can build an effective learning objective to achieve it.

But, how?

Learning objectives are the essence of an effective online course.  No matter what topic you choose, which tool you use to learn and which type of content you pick, the one thing that remain constant is the learning objective.  Without it, you will not be able to gaze on how effectively you can implement your training.

Moreover, you will not be able to clinch your goals. After all having a clear goal is one thing that matter’s the most!

If you are explaining things to others, make sure to know what to explain. You should also know how to leverage most out of learners to provide them effective training.  To do this, create a main objective, which will emphasis on:

  • What needs to be learned?
  • How to start the learning?
  • Who should learn it?

Have a look at some of the tips to craft an effective learning objective:

First, Understand The Need For Learning Objective:

We have heard a lot about creating catchy, interesting and engaging e-learning courses, but are these courses relevant to learners?

If learners who want to learn the specific course will not find it interesting, it will become difficult for the instructor to teach them. Therefore, it is very important to create learning objective so that the learners would know what the course is all about and what they will get after the completion of the course.

A learning objective should be precise enough changing the way world learn. It should be crisp and should be up to a point. Refrain from adding long paragraphs and complex vocabulary. Also, avoid long sentences and keep things in points so that the learner would easily understand what the course is all about.

Second, Presentation of Learning Objective:

A learning objective is the ladder of any course; they are the first thing that should be placed at the forefront of the course.  So, present them precisely and efficiently. You don’t have to fill the screen with paragraphs of learning objectives; instead, keep them short yet meaningful.  It should be:

  • Up to the point
  • Not filled with paragraphs and lengthy sentences
  • it should be precise and informative

In simple terms, the learning objective should be presented in a way that the learners will easily understand it.  The prime body of the objective should contain:

  • The behavior that the learners will perform
  • The circumstances under which the complete performance will be carried out
  • The criteria for accepting the performance

If the objective learning course would have these components, the learners will take-up the course instantly.

Lastly, Create A Meaningful Learning Objective:

No matter which profession you are choosing, you would face obstacles which will ask you to opt. relevant course to overcome them. However, with e-learning, you can do so with ease.  You don’t have to enroll yourself in any class-room program, you can easily learn about anything online.

Craft a meaningful yet effective learning objective as per your profession.  Make sure to keep it compelling so that the learner would take part in them. Also, keep each objective as per the type of learner. For instance, if the learner is opting a compliance training course would have different learning objective than the one taking a safety training course. Therefore, it is quite essential for the designers to construct the objective of the course accordingly.


So, those were some of the most effective ways to decide the end outcome of the course and to provide effective design process.



By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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