Animated Star Rating Android Library


In most of the application, we need to implement a rating section in our application and if it’ll be animated star rating. Then this Android Library is just for you.

You’ve seen rating bars, right? Maybe while shopping online on Amazon or in other apps. This Android rating bar feature is used to give a rating to apps, games, online products, services, and lots of other stuff. How does this feature help you ask? Well for starters, it allows app users to leave a feedback based on their experience on your Android app. This ultimately helps developers to identify where the app needs to be improved.

It is a star view to set rating in an animated way. If you want to see the demo just see the below image. You can download the source of the demo application in between of the article.

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1Demo of Animated Star Rating:

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Animated Star Rating


The easiest way to add the library to your project is by adding it as a dependency to your build.gradle

dependencies {
   implementation 'com.neberox.library:animatedstar:0.0.2'


3Using XML


4Create StarRatingBar programmatically

RelativeLayout mainLayout = findViewById(;

RelativeLayout.LayoutParams params = new RelativeLayout.LayoutParams(400, 400);
StarRatingBar bar = new StarRatingBar(this);
mainLayout.addView(bar, params);

bar.setAnimDuration(200); //(Optional)
bar.setFillColor(Color.WHITE); //(Optional)
bar.setSelectedColor(Color.parseColor("#f2b01e")); //(Optional)
bar.setStrokeColor(Color.LTGRAY); //(Optional)
bar.setStrokeWidth(1); //(Optional)
bar.setTextPadding(0.5f); //(Optional)
bar.setTextColor(Color.LTGRAY); //(Optional)
bar.setSelectedTextColor(Color.WHITE); //(Optional)
bar.setTextSize(18); //(Optional)

bar.regenerateStar();  //(Compulsory)

5Set ratings programmatically

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Name Description Default
strokeColor(optional) Stroke outside each corner. Available only for non rated points LTGRAY
strokeWidth(optional) Size of the outer stroke 1dp
fillColor(optional) Color of un rated points of star WHITE
selectedColor Color of the rated points of star #f2b01e
textColor(optional) Color of the text written on each point of star indicating rating LTGRAY
textPadding(optional) Determines where the text will be drawn either close to corner (1) or close to middle (0). Range 0->1 0.5
textSize(optional) Text font size 18sp
selectedTextColor(optional) Color of text drawn over the rated points of star WHITE

7Download the Animated Star Rating Library

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