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Tag: Android

How to Add Animated Tab Layout in Android?

Today we're going to see how to add animated Tab Layout in Android but this is a unique Zen UI 6.0 layout. We've discussed already...

How to Add Android Bootstrap style widgets with Glyph Icons?

If you need the quick web design implementation that Bootstrap provides on your Android apps, or if you just love that Android Bootstrap look...

PowerMenu – Add Android Popup Menu Easily

Android Popup menu is really a good way to make your Android application more elegant and create a great UI.  And we already discuss...

Android MaterialChipsInput

Interesting library which shows the list of selectable contacts, in quite a fancy way. It also contains Android ChipView and EditText. Among other options,...

Android Circular Layout Manager

In our previous article we discuss about some Andoroid layout library like AwesomeLayoutManager, dynamicLayoutManager and Two Panel Layout but today we discuss Custom Layout...
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