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Tag: android library

Add Material Chip View in Android Projects

Now social media is on hike and many of social apps are creating but if you want your app also goes on hike then...

SlidingRootNav – DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup Android Library

Sometime we need to show ViewGroup content with DrawerLayout and very complicated to implement but this library is a DrawerLayout-like ViewGroup, where a "drawer"...

FingerprintManager – Handle Android fingerprint API

After Fingerprint security comes in Android many developers want to use that feature in their app but handle android fingerprint API is a hard...

Add App Target For New User Using TapTargetView Android Library

TapTargetView Android library is an implementation of tap targets from the Material Design guidelines for feature discovery. In my previous article i shared some animation...

Two Panels Layout Animation Android Library

Two Panels Layout Animation Android Library is fully customizable with a drag-gable divider where you can hide and show the fragments in vertical and...

Make OpenStreetMap surveyor Android app

An Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable data in the user's vicinity and provides him the tools to complete these easily and...

Cool Cards Menu Animation Android Library

Cool cards menu Android library is a really cool as name define itself. It concept about multi tasks switching such like that, it's thought-provoking...
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