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Android O features and API you should know

Android O features and APIs you should need to know
After launching of Android O many developers and geekier want to know about their features. So do I introduces a variety of latest features and capabilities for users and developers. This document highlights what is new for developers. you can check first developer preview here   Lets...

Android O : Google launched Developer preview

Android O first developer preview
Recently Google launched Android O developer preview which is a next version after Noughat. It may be O – OREO, ORANGE, OATMEAL COOKIE No contest. Oreos are simply the best. But should Android taste more like the cream part or the cookie? What you think just comment...

What’s new features in Android Studio 2.3

Android Studio 2.3 is available to download today. The focus for this release is quality improvements across the IDE. We are grateful for all your feedback so far. We are committed to continuing to invest in making Android Studio fast & seamless for the...

Launched world’s first 360-degree photo-taking phone

world's first 360-degree photo-taking phone
China's company Protruly has launched two such phones that support 360 degree VR camera. This means that the camera of this phone can capture photo and video from 360 degree angle. This feature was first seen in a smartphone. They have been named Darling...

DiscreteScrollView Library in Android

DiscreteScrollView demo of Card Weather
DiscreteScrollView library is a RecyclerView-based implementation of a scrollable list, where current item is centered and can be changed using swipes. It is similar to a ViewPager, but you can quickly and painlessly create layout, where views adjacent to the currently selected view are...

12GB RAM, 60MP camera, 1000GB memory Father of all phones

You probably did not even think that such a phone would come in the market. There is a company called "Touring Robotics Industry" (TRI), who has built a phone called Cardenza.   If we talk about great phone, then this phone runs with 12GB of RAM...

Optical illusions : Top 14 should see once

Optical illusions have fascinated both young and old for centuries. These illusions are produced when our eyes (and our brains) have difficulty interpreting reality. There are two distinct types of illusions: errors of assessment occur when we interpret an image incorrectly, whereas visual paradoxes...

Windows 10 Creators Update Download Before Launch

Amazing mixed reality experiences are yours
Microsoft is busy getting ready the Windows 10 Creators Update for the masses. Like alternative major Windows updates, they won’t be pushing the update to any or all the Windows 10 devices at once. You can grab your hands on the Windows 10 Creators Update...

6 records Virat Kohli can’t break

Virat Kohli is currently one of the world's number one cricketer. Virat Kohli, who has become India's run machine in every format, has been compared to Sachin Tendulkar for a long time. Despite this, there are some such records of many world cricketers including...

World’s worst song, the 62-year-old Ban

What do you have to say about worst songs? Obviously something will be good. The songs are close to the heart. Do you know there are some songs that many people committed suicide after listening to it. We are talking about the Sad Sunday...

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