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Difference between Android O and Android P

2017 witnessed the release of Android Oreo and apparently, this year seems to be the year of Android P. Android P is a free software...

Top 10 Android P Features – You must know this

Do you know about Google's new mobile operating system Android P? After all what is this Android P? What new features have Google added...

Android Propose Motion Animation Library

Android Propose Motion is a Touch Animation engine with easy motion implementation In other words, Propose provides an API to implement dynamic-interaction. If you use Propose,...

What is Google’s Fuchsia OS, replace Android soon

We were expecting to examine Google announce Google Fuchsia OS, or Google Andromeda OS – a fusion of its Chrome and Android in operation...
Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018

Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018

If you're planning to make your own Wear app then i can give you list of some great Android Wear library which you can...
Material Sheet FAB

Implement Android Material Sheet FAB

Android Material Sheet FAB  Library that implements the floating action button to sheet transition from Google's Material Design documentation. It can be used with any FAB...
Android Oreo Vs iOS 11

Android Oreo Vs iOS 11 : Comparison you should know about this

Today we'll see comparison between Android Oreo Vs iOS 11. Google Android and Apple iOS are big market in mobile industry and truly competitor....
Android O Vs Android N

Comparison : Android O Vs Android N

Android O Vs Android N : Top 10 features of Android Oreo over Android Nought Android Oreo is now official, rolling to eligible devices as...
What's the Problems with Android Oreo?

Problems with Android Oreo – 6 Things you need to know

On August, 21st after the solar eclipse, Google released the final version of Android 8 now known as Android Oreo. The sun wasn’t the only...
FileStack Android : Amazing Cloud File Picker

FileStack Android : Amazing Cloud File Picker

Sometimes we need to pick any image or file from Android phone but normal file picker allows to get from only that phone. But...
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