How To Enter 2020 Pest-Free

How To Enter 2020 Pest-Free

Pests are nuisances for all life other than themselves; sometimes they affect each other as well. They not only ruin food crops, furniture, and the whole house in some cases but are also known for the diseases they spread. This new year takes up the initiative to get rid of these pests from your home and help your friends and family deal with this issue. There are various methods and sites you can look upon the internet to find the best possible solution to your pest problems, like WavePest.

Here are a few hotspots to approach to get a jumpstart on pest control.

1Rotting infrastructure

Pests are attracted to deteriorating wood and wet surfaces. Replace such structures and keep an eye on loose mortar as they can serve as entry points for pests when these structures start to decay. Throw away broken furniture and not let it sit idle in the storage area. 

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As mentioned earlier, wet surfaces attract pests like termites. Bad plumbing can lead to such pests developing and working its way across the house causing the easy downfall of the whole building. It is best to get leakages checked on a regular basis. Also, pests like cockroaches and flies prefer moist, dark environments to inhibit and spread. Hence, plumbing around the sinks and drains must be cleaned on a daily basis. 


Insects and flies are highly attracted to mercury vapor lamps. So, instead of these lamps, one can opt for sodium vapor lamps and keep those pests at bay. Mercury vapor lamps can be used but the must be kept at least 150 feet away from any food processing facility. 

4Entry points.

Holes, crevices, and cracks in and around the building can serve as easy entry points for all kinds of pests. These spots need to be checked and filled with cement to prevent the entry of pests. Regular inspections need to be made in order to prevent such issues.

5Proper drainage

Pests are highly attracted to damp places. It is important to ensure that the drainage from the building is taken far and away from the building and that there is no accumulation of water. Stranded water on the streets and basements can cause the development of unwanted insects and diseases. Get rid of leakages and loose drainage systems in the neighborhood.

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6Waste management

Garbage waste attracts a lot of pests like flies, mosquitos, rats, etc.. Make sure that garbage bins and kept at a safe distance from the entrance of the building. Also, see to it that these garbage bins have proper working lids and keep them closed at all times. Keeping them open is like giving an open invitation to rats and other pests to invade us with their diseases. 

7Storage areas

It is essential to store items off the floor and upon the pallets. They should be stored at least 18 inches away from the walls so as to make infestation checkups easier. It is ideal to paint the aisles white so as to locate the pests and their droppings easily during such checkups. Storage areas must be cleaned and looked after regularly. 


Any equipment is an easy target for pests as it has many nooks and corners that are ideal for the pests to infest. It is ideal to replace metal cover cleaner plates with plexiglass so as to have an easier check-up on infestation without having to disassemble the equipment. Equipment must be cleaned and checked on a regular basis as well.


Vegetative growth around the property can easily attract pests. These pests will grow and invade the living space of not taken care of at the earliest. It is ideal to build a rock or gravel perimeter so that there is no vegetative growth that attracts pests. Landscaping also gives a cool look to the place as a whole. 

Keeping pests at bay is very important. These can and will cause deadly diseases. Being cautious and preventive is better than being regretful, isn’t it? So this new year, take up the initiative to get rid of these deadly creatures. Of course, it is advised to contact a professional and get help instead of doing it yourself. 

Before getting into the whole pest control action, it is essential to keep in mind a few things that need to be done and a few things that should be prevented at all costs. 


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Here are a few DOs and Don’ts of pest control. 

  •  Seal away food and keep them stored somewhere away from the area of work.
  •  Keep the pesticides and other equipment away from the kids, food and human contact in general. 
  • Wear the necessary equipment before handling the pesticides.

Use baits as the first line of defense against the pests. Often, this reduces the risk of exposure to the effects of pesticides. always ask the person hired to stick with the simplest way to get rid of the pest.

  •  Pesticides that are not baits should be applied only at the target locations of pests and not spread all over the place. 
  • Never transfer the pesticide to other containers. Keep them in their original containers. Children and others have been poisoned by the consumption of pesticides stored in beverage or food containers. 
  • Do not store other things in pesticide containers. No matter how much you watch it there will still be some residue.
  • Always stick with the instructions given on the label. Only use the amount suggested on the label. 
  • Make sure that the pesticides to be used are approved for indoor use. Outdoor pesticides are not to be used inside the house. 
  • Dispose of the pesticides properly after use. Call the appropriate agencies for help and directions on the proper disposal of pesticides. 

Pests are to be dealt with with utmost precautions. Pesticides are dangerous and not playthings. It is important to keep in mind that they cannot be exposed to human contact. Pesticides are more harmful than the pests themselves. 

Seek a proper guide and professional to deal with the pests. You can go to WavePest for this purpose. The above-mentioned precautions and instructions are to be taken very seriously. Otherwise, things can backfire and cause serious damage to the handler and the ones around. 

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